Bamaboo Eco Biodegradable Nappies Size 5 (4 x 62)

  • Soft breathable antibacterial bamboo layers protect your baby's skin
  • Incredible moisture absorbing and temperature regulating properties
  • 7 layer form-fitted design proven to provide excellent absorption rates and protect from leaks
  • Free of chlorine, alcohol, PVC, Latex, and Phosphates
  • 80% Biodegradable materials including D2W oxo-degradable wrapping
  • 62 nappies per pack
  • INFO
  • Mama Bamaboo award winning eco-nappies are made from the softest luxury breathable bamboo fibres and chlorine free wood pulp. They have designed their nappies to meet three key values:

    BEST for BABY
    • Mama Bamboo uses the softest breathable bamboo layers which feel silky on your baby’s delicate skin
    • No perfume. No alcohol. No Chlorine. 
    • Bamboo has natural antibacterial properties which reduce the chances of nasty nappy rash and irritation
    • Bamboo fibres have incredible moisture absorbing and temperature regulating properties to keep your baby's skin dry and comfortable even on hot and humid days
      BEST for YOU
      • Our wide flexi double tabs, wide base and ruched trims protect from leaks so both you and your little one can sleep well tonight
      • Our seven layer design has been proven to provide excellent absorption rates day and night
      • Bigger packs and great prices. Great discounts on purchases of multi packs (Dual, Triple and Quad packs) and Additional 10% on any no-commitment subscription


      • Our bamboo nappies will be +60% decomposed in less than 3 months and can achieve ~80% decomposition over time
      • We use only ECF chlorine free fluff pulp from sustainable sources
      • Our nappies are free of alcohol, PVC, Latex, and Phthalates
      • Our nappies are wrapped in D2W oxo-degradable film
      • Our multi packs are packed in recyclable cardboard boxes