ECOS Baby Bottle Wash


Put a twinkle in baby’s bottles and dishes with Baby ECOS Bottle & Dish Wash. 

Specially designed for your baby’s bottles, dishes, utensils and even breast pump accessories, ECOS' concentrated formula bundles plant-powered strength into a gentle, fragrance-free liquid. Now you can wash away those messes with safer ingredients and no harmful residues left behind!

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  • Instructions:

    Put a few drops of Baby ECOS Bottle & Dish Wash on a clean sponge, brush, or washing cloth after wetting. Then scrub and rinse dishes. To lift and loosen stuck-on food or to deep clean baby’s toys, teethers, and eating utensils, fill a large pot with hot water and a few drops of Baby ECOS Bottle & Dish Wash. In the pot (or sink filled with soap and hot water), put any non-porous washable item your baby touches, eats , or plays with, and let this gentle, hardworking dish soap do the rest! Soak no more than 24 hours.